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My awesomeness and books (for Candice)

From the Home Office in Kissimmee, FL... The Top 5 Reasons I am Awesome (that I can think of at the moment)!

Number 5: My eyes. They are a fabulous shade of blue and have lashes to die for.

Number 4: Loyalty. If you are someone I call a friend, you never have to worry about whether I will be there for you. I was probably already there before you thought about calling.

Number 3: Great storyteller. When I can manage to bestir my muse, I can spin an entertaining yarn. It may not be a gift for the masses, currently... but if I choose to tell you a story, you’ll probably like it.

Number 2: Charm. When I decide to turn it on, I can be a rather imposing personality and engender a desire to know more about me.

Number 1: Magical Hands. References provided for serious inquiries only.

And now for what I’ve been reading:
Kushiel's Dart, Kushiel's Chosen, Kushiel's Avatar, and Kushiel's ScionJacqueline Carey
Interesting fantasy set in a Earth-like world that blends historical and fantastical. The books are all well-written, but not ones I could sit and devour continuously. These had to be taken in measured doses. Looking forward to the rest of the series eventually, but definitely not something you mainline.

The Shattering: Prelude to CataclysmChristie Golden
This came between Dart and Chosen, and went very quickly. Not overly deep, but that is not to be expected when you’re dealing with fiction based on game properties. In this case, the game in question is World of Warcraft. It is well-crafted and fills in the gaps of the events leading up to the latest expansion. It provides insight into the motivations of many of the major lore figures of the current Warcraft universe.

Neuromancer and Zero HistoryWilliam Gibson
Neuromancer was the book that created cyberspace before cyberspace existed. This was a reread for me, and it is amazing how well this story holds up in 2010-11. This is another one that went in great gulps and was difficult to put down. A busted-up cyberjockey is recruited by a mysterious businessman to work with cybernetically enhanced female ninja (for lack of a better word) but nothing about the situation is exactly what it seems. Zero History is one of Gibson’s latest books, and deals with secret brands and possible military implications. Told from the perspective of a former rock star and a man who was pulled out of deep addictions and literally reprogrammed through therapy and drugs, it is a taut story that pulls you along the whole way, wondering if you’re ever getting the full implications of the events as they happen.

Now for the books I just picked up from the library to be read next (and no, none of them are The Hunger Games):
Bad AstronomyPhil Plait
This is the first book of essays by the creator of the Bad Astronomy blog (which is now hosted at Discover magazine). I’ve put off reading this for entirely too long and I’m looking forward to enjoying Dr. Plait’s science and humor both.

AncestorScott Sigler
Not normally my type of book, as I’m not a big fan of horror, but I’ve heard lots of good things about how well it is written and he works very hard to make sure the horrible stuff he writes about is based in real science. That alone intrigues me.

The GladiatorHarry Turtledove
I’ve heard forever about Turtledove’s mastery of alternate history, but two things sold me on this book. It is set in a world where the USSR won the Cold War, and revolves around a game store. The second is the cover, it looks like iconic communist imagery, with an upthrust hand holding a d20 as the central focus. How could I not pick that up?

Discord’s AppleCarrie Vaughn
I don’t know anything about this author, but when you name your book Discord’s Apple and put a golden apple on the cover, I am compelled to [fnord] pick it up. Hail Eris!

There you go, Candice. Entirely more than you wanted to know, and me writing it. You should be pleased.


Ahhh, you took my challenge and ran with it! Good show, sir, good show!

I've actually read most of the books you're currently reading! =D Haven't gotten to Zero History yet, though, and I think I'll be giving The Shattering a miss, as I usually do with game-related books. (The Resident Evil novels were an exception to that, and yes, I know exactly how weird that is coming from the woman with zombie fear.)

You've got a valid point there re: the first Kushiel cycle, though I actually did mainline most of it. Haven't managed with the Imriel cycle yet, though the books are on the shelves waiting.

I love, love, love Neuromancer. Devoured it whole. Really want to go back and reread it once I get through the rest of Gibson's novels. It has to wait until then, because otherwise the others will just languish on the shelves. I can't remember if it was Neuromancer or Snow Crash that was my first cyberpunk, but either way, yum as a genre. Wish there was more quality CP out there.

If you enough the Scott Sigler book, you might want to try some Michael Crichton. I've not read Sigler, but Crichton does a sciencey-type horror/thriller that is both interesting and creepy. I went through a phase in high school where I just read one after the other of his books. Sphere was quite good, but The Andromeda Strain freaked me the hell out. There's a reason his books keep getting turned into movies. (I've seen Sphere - book's better, per usual - but not Andromeda Strain.)

I've read part of one Harry Turtledove novel, and I blame the fact it was a Civil War retelling that made me not want to finish it. Man can write a book and retell history, I will not lie, but he can't make me like the history he's retelling. May have to give The Gladiator a go, however.

Do let me know how Discord's Apple turns out! =D

Edited at 2011-01-11 10:17 am (UTC)
I can understand your feelings about game books, but this was a step above most, and filled in a lot of the blanks that you're going to have when you finally DO play WoW again. So, feel free to ask when you wonder what the heck happened. ;)

I am quite familiar with the work of Mr. Crichton. I've read most of his stuff, up to Timeline. Have yet to touch any of his 2k+ stuff yet.

I need to pick up Snow Crash, I've always heard good things about it, but I've never read it. *cue Candice flogging*

Yeah, I've heard a lot about Turtledove, and the gaming connection hooked me. So, I'll let you know what I think about it and Discord's Apple.